The Process

The images I make are executed thru color or b&w negative film by either a 4x5 or 8x10 large format camera. Optically c-printed or scanned, exhibition prints range from direct contact prints to 30x40in.archival inkjet prints.

Artist Statement

For over a decade I have been photographing interiors. The son of a freelance architect, I grew up walking past my father's home office everyday. Curious about his profession, I would regularly peer through his blueprints and trade magazines. This began my attraction toward structure and organized spaces, and over time I utilized the photograph to further examine various interiors.

"Unoccupied Classrooms" is a series of empty classrooms photographed from two polar viewpoints to echo the function of education. The viewpoint of the position of the teacher is reinforced by the camera's vantage point, in the front of the classroom. The viewpoint of a student is reinforced by the camera's vantage point by the rear of the classroom. While attending The Ohio State University, I have collected a variety of empty classrooms when they are not in use. Because I am attracted to the formal experience and properties of large format, I use an 8x10 camera with a wide-angle lens to render sharp detail allowing a consistency to detail in each composition. Each photograph is composed to render a strong vertical and horizontal axis in each room. The color in each photograph is conditional to the standard lighting in each classroom, which shifts from cool to warm in different compositions. I use all the lighting available to make the clearest possible photograph of each classroom so that each individual photograph is as faithful and accurate a record as possible. I call this leaving the room 'as is'.

I photograph interiors of classrooms, to capture a learning environment, but also to show of how we impact and utilize these spaces. My photographs of the empty classroom slowly reveal the impressions left behind by the room's users. In an environment that is designed for the masses, I question the existence of individualism within the university. Throughout this collection of empty classrooms, I offer a visual comparison of spaces that have been designed for education, but show the impression of each room's previous occupants.



2005-2007 Master of Fine Arts in Photography,
Ohio State Univ. Columbus, OH.
1999-2002 Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, Middle Tennessee State Univ.
1995-1999 Fulfilled Major for a B.S. in Audio Engineering in the area of Production and Technology, Middle Tennessee State Univ.


2007-2008 Visiting Lecturer, Dept of Art, Photography, OSU
2005-2007 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Art, Photography, OSU

2002-2005 Color Printer, Batey’s Photo Imaging Center Inc. Optical and Digital RA-4 Color Printing. C-41 Film processing up to medium format. Copy stand duplication both film and digital image file. Digital retouch and enhancement (Photoshop CS). E-6 slide processing, Black and white processing, traditional darkroom printing and toning, maintenance, and inventory.


2008 Best in Photography awarded by juror Lori Nix, ImageOHIO 08, Columbus Ohio

2007 Purchase award by The Ohio Staters Collection at the Ohio Union. Columbus Ohio

2002 Senior Photographer
College of Mass Comm. MTSU, Murfreesboro TN

2002 Outstanding Potential
Student Show, Baldwin Photographic Gallery, MTSU Murfreesboro TN


Full CV/ Resume is available upon request by using Contact



ImageOHIO 8 Juried by Lori Nix, Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery Columbus, OH.

Linking the Past to the Future Grand Opening of the OSU Urban Arts Space Columbus OH.

2nd Bi-Annual National Exhibition of Small Works of Art Juried by Dave Hickey, Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro TN.


Unoccupied Classrooms MFA Thesis Hopkins Gallery OSU, OH

Photography by Grant Fletcher and Katie Shannon Roy G Biv Gallery Columbus, OH

POSER Majestic Galleries Nelsonville, OH

1:1 OSU-UC Graduate Exhibition Dorothy W. and C. Lawson Reed, Jr. Gallery University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH

Visiting Lecturers Exhibition Hopkins Gallery OSU, OH

Agora III presented by The Couch Fire Collective at Junctionview Studios Columbus, OH

Alternative Camera Exhibition Silver Image Gallery Ohio State University Columbus, OH


Blue Shoe Art Fundraiser Spice Bar Represented by Roy G Biv Gallery Columbus OH

Pinhole Exhibition Silver Image Gallery OSU, Columbus OH

ImageOHIO 7 Jurried by Jennifer Reeder from University of Illinois Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery Columbus, OH.

Graduate Exhibition Hopkins Hall Gallery OSU Columbus, OH


Critical Mass Photolucida- Mass Media Photo Review

Shine Untitled Group Plowhaus Gallery East Nashville, TN

Value Menu Plowhaus Gallery East Nashville, TN


*Formalism and informalities Bell Mead Theatre Nashville, TN

Self Untitled Group The Blue Sky Court Nashville, TN

March On Plowhaus Gallery East Nashville, TN

Open Untitled Group Marathon Village, Nashville TN


*Formalism and informalities Red Rose Murfreesboro TN

More Untitled Group Cummings Station Nashville, TN

(* solo exhibitions)